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Published on September 22, 2005 By Gene Nash In Pet Care
What the *#!& is wrong with the vets around here?

If you followed my articles about my cat Fuzzy, you probably know what a difficult time I had getting a veterinarian to see him. I couldn't believe that they'd rather leave an animal to painfully die than get full payment upfront. You'd think vets of all people would care what happened to an animal. You'd be wrong.

I just found out what happened to my neighbor's dog.

My neighbor took her dog, Nicki, to the dog groomer. While shaving her, the groomer cut off all Nicki's nipples then sent her home without saying anything. My neighbor didn't know anything was wrong till she saw Nicki biting at herself, her chest covered in blood.

When she took Nicki to her vet, the vet refused to even look at her. This is the dog's regular vet! He just sent her off to suffer and die.


Eventually my neighbor ended up at the same clinic that agreed to look at and treat Fuzzy. I'm more convinced than ever that they are the only good vet around here.

They tried for four months to save Nicki, but the groomer had caused irreparable nerve damage. I'd seen her limping around the yard, as if she had hurt one of her legs, but she looked like she was doing good. In the end, it wasn't good enough. Nicki didn't make it.

It's really sad. She was a good dog. I don't even like dogs, but she was a good dog.

I'm just astounded at the callousness displayed by the groomer and the vet. What are these people doing in these professions? The groomer had to have known what she did. Instead of cleaning Nicki up and sending her home, she should have instantly called to say there'd been an accident, you have to get your dog immediately to a vet. The vet should have at least looked at the dog and offered euthanization if he thought she couldn't be saved. But to refuse to even look at her? He's no better than the butcher who chopped Nicki up. They both thought nothing of sending her home to die an agonizing death.

Unlike Fuzzy's case, this wasn't an instance of not having the money to totally pay upfront for treatment. This jerk just didn't give a @$%#. Clearly my perceptions of vets were misperceptions. I've never before had any dealings with the profession and these experiences have left me totally shocked. Is this par for the course or an aberration? Are there really that few competent, compassionate veterinarians out there?

I'm beginning to think I was lucky I had to search so hard to find Fuzzy a doctor. At least I didn't get stuck with any of these SOBs. At least I found someone who cares.

on Oct 18, 2005
That is so sad. What a horrible story. I always cringe when I hear about things like this because it really makes you wonder why people go into a field of working with animals when the well being of an animal is not their main concern. In this case, the groomer and the vet. Any vet that refuses to even look at an animal without payment is heartless and not worthy of giving your business to. I thought vets had animals best interests, not money, at heart. Glad to hear that you found a vet that you trust. And yes, there are at least some caring vets out there; I love the office I take my cat to. My cat was very sick and had a bad case of parasites when we first got her, and I was taking her in almost on a regular basis. They knew how much money I had put into this animal I had just gotten the past week, and every couple weeks after that they took stool samples to check for parasites and didn't charge me anytime they said it was "just to be sure" even months later. They truely wanted my new kitten to make a healthy recovery and were willing to do whatever that took. In return, businesses like these turn out to be so successful because of word of mouth so many times. I was referred there by a friend, and I tell everyone I can about them as well.
on Sep 01, 2006
Vet's are cruel!
on Sep 03, 2006
Oh my God...who cuts off nipples? That's freakin' horrible.

on Sep 03, 2006
Finding a vet that actually gives a damn can take some time. I've been lucky enough to have found good vets, but I've run across some bad ones too.
on Feb 23, 2008
I suspect dedication is at a premium in most fields of service. ( 
on Mar 04, 2009

When I first got my ferrets I brought them in to my normal pet vet because they said they can handle them.  I knew I was in trouble when the lady was scared to hold the little buggers for fear of being nipped.  This is the same lady that cares for gigantic Danes and has scratches all over her hands and arms from cats.

Then came the vaccinations, she injected my original ferret without bleeding the air out for the needle and before I could "remind her" she uncermoniously injected my ferret in the hind quarters.  I took the ferrets and left at that point, stiffing them on the bill and never looked back.  After much search I managed to find a highly reccomended vet by a pair of shelters, one which is dedicated to ferrets.

From my understanding, Vets will often reject animals they don't think they can help for fear of being sued...