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blogging mission possible?
Published on July 15, 2006 By Gene Nash In Blogging

I first thought of this round about December. It got shelved when I got hospitalized. Since I think of it every once in a while, I've decided to trot it out and try it anyway.

Just as an exercise, I'm going to try writing an article for each category in the JU forums. I say "try" because there are a couple that I have doubts about. For instance, "OS Customization." What do I know about OS customization? Another one, "Game Developers." Pffft. I haven't developed a game in nearly 20 years, and then it was on a Commodore 64. While I might be able to eke out something on those topics, there is one which is almost definitely going to be a bust: Tutorials, because if you look at the Tutorials sub categories (Theme Manager -> Suites, Blog Navigator Tutorials, DesktopX Tutorials, IconPackager Tutorials, Theme Manager, Wincustomize Tutorials, WindowBlinds Tutorials) they all deal with StarDock products, of which I have none. But we'll see. Maybe I can come up with a JoeUser tutorial and throw it into the general category.

I'm not going to count any articles I've already written. This is a from scratch proposal. Also, I'm not doing this in any particular order or with any time limit. I'm just doing it. (Go away, Nike, I'm not paying you royalties.)

There is the challenge. If anyone else wants to pick it up and try it too, here's a list of the top level categories from the forums (as of 12/11/05, when I first made the list):

TOPIC: Politics
TOPIC: Blogging
TOPIC: Current Events
TOPIC: Humor
TOPIC: OS Customization
TOPIC: Home & Family
TOPIC: Personal Relationships
TOPIC: PersonalComputing
TOPIC: Entertainment
TOPIC: Internet
TOPIC: Philosophy
TOPIC: Religion
TOPIC: Sports & Leisure
TOPIC: Business
TOPIC: Gaming
TOPIC: Health & Medicine
TOPIC: History
TOPIC: Tutorials
TOPIC: Science & Tech
TOPIC: Gadgets & Electronics
TOPIC: Pets & Nature
TOPIC: Travel
TOPIC: Photography
TOPIC: Writing
TOPIC: Game Developers
TOPIC: Automotive

Watchlist or bookmark this article. I'll return to fill in the article titles next to the categories as I go through them. Then maybe I'll leave a comment pointing to each (for those that might watchlist this).


on Jul 16, 2006
What a great idea, good luck with it! You can always write a tutorial for the "general" category, or Stardock offers trial or free versions of many of their programs. You could write a tutorial for "customizing n00bs" about how to find, download the trial and begin using the program.
on Jul 17, 2006
I'll be watching for further installments, I can only hope the majority are as humorous as most of your post - that may well be your biggest challenge........
on Jul 17, 2006
Interesting concept! I've written in some of them already, does that count? I know it doesn't, don't answer that question!