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Published on January 31, 2008 By Gene Nash In Blogging

Well, I'd better memorialize this while I still can.

My new personal all-time best ranking here on JU. Number 7. WooHoo. My previous best was around number 18.

One of my goals last year was to get into the top ten. I had this whole grand plan. Like most of my grand plans, it flopped miserably. Nonetheless, I made it. It might have taken till the next year, but I made it!

[Update: Just so there's no confusion, the picture is from mid-January, not the day I posted the article. I was flipping through my image folder and thought I'd better get this up before I lost the bloody thing.]


on Feb 01, 2008
Congrats, Gene Nash! I blame it on the decreasing quality of other candidates.
on Feb 01, 2008
Congrats, Gene Nash!

Thank you.

I blame it on the decreasing quality of other candidates.

A lot more to do with having had two articles featured at the same time than anything I did, unfortunately.

Mine looks different...

The date stamp on the jpeg is 1/17/08. But that's when I cropped the screen capture. It was probably a few days earlier.

I bounced around 7-8 for most of January till the 30 day trailing average got me from having two articles featured at Christmas and I dropped like a stone back to the 30's where I typically reside.

I'm usually way behind on what I do. Hasn't anyone noticed most of the stories I tell are at least 10-20 years old?

on Feb 01, 2008
Big time congrats, Gene! That rocks!

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Yeah, baby. All the way up to number 4. Can I be a "Power User" already?
on Feb 03, 2008
Yeah, baby. All the way up to number 4.

I'd congratulate you, but... I just... can't... bring myself to... do it.... Must... Not... Congr...

Noooooo! No-one can be better than me! Waaaaaaahhhh!

I have to be number one! I have to! I HAVE TO!!!!!!!!

Oh, darn.