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Published on March 5, 2005 By Gene Nash In Blogging
A bit of blog errata...

My watchlist is buggy. I'm not getting email notifications when people leave comments on my blogs. Certain other threads aren't triggering notifications, either.

So, I may or may not have seen your comments. Like I wasn't bad enough at keeping up with them already, right? I was working on that, but this has complicated matters. Great timing, huh?

So, if someone leaves a new comment on an article off the main page I probably won't know it. And now they've degraded that from a reach of 10 to 5. Great timing, huh?

I have a bug report in on it, but I don't know if they can fix it, or even track it. It's not as if they don't have higher priorities.

Gene Nash

on Mar 05, 2005
I've noticed the watchlist often takes a break for no apparent reason (at least from what I can tell), but when it starts back up again it usually sends the messages it forgot to (or so it looks to me, how would I know if it really missed one?).
on Mar 06, 2005
Yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU.....
on Mar 07, 2005
I've noticed the watchlist often takes a break for no apparent reason

Yep, I've seen that too.

Unfortunately this was, like, a month of not getting any notifications on any of my articles. Most of the articles by other people I watchlisted sent notifications (though some of them didn't either -- ever), but not mine.

I did start getting them again today, though, so maybe they found it and fixed it.

Yeah, I'm talkin' to YOU.....

Take your pick of witticisms:

1) Down, girl!
2) I'm a comin', ma.... (Although now that I'm older and know the cliche about alleged inbreeding in the south that takes on a whole different meaning. Hmm.)

Either way, I'm off to my mailbox now.