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Published on June 22, 2005 By Gene Nash In Non-Fiction
I'm toying with an e-book called "How To Write And Publish Your Own eBook In As Little As 7 Days" by Joe Vitale and Jim Edwards. (If you need me to explain to you what the book is about, go find another blog to read.)

Aside from a lot of fluff to fill out the book and convince non-writers "Yes, you can really do this," the system comes down to:

Day 1) Brainstorm a topic
Day 2) Brainstorm everything you can think to say about the topic and take copious notes
Days 3-5) Write your butt off
Day 6) Edit it
Day 7) Publish it

It takes 208 pages of handholding, step-by-stepping, and padding out to say that.

I can do without the handholding (I already believe it can be done) and the tips (I've been writing since I was a child -- there's nothing here I don't already know).

I've decided to play with it anyway. I always intended to try my hand at the three day book writing deal since I first heard about the 3 Day Novel Contest. I've just never followed through. This seems like a good excuse.

Imagine what you could accomplish by writing a book a week -- even if only a rough draft a week. Sure, you wouldn't be Barbara Cartland, but still....

I've finished days one and two. So far so good. Tomorrow begins the writing phase.

Yippee -- I think.

on Jun 22, 2005
thanx gene will look into this, my wife says I should write a book about comming back from the "dark side"