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illegal egyptian 'student' caught with pilot materials
Published on September 17, 2005 By Gene Nash In Current Events
Thank God most terrorists are stupid.

Take, for instance, "shoe bomber" Richard Reid, who in full view of flight attendants and fellow passengers attempted to light a fuse sticking out of his shoe. Stupid. There's nothing like a terrorist you can foil by turning on the "No Smoking" sign. Anyone with half a brain would have gone to the bathroom to light-up. His lack of I.Q. and covert smoking skills saved nearly 200 people.

Like I said, thank God most terrorists are stupid.

Our latest example is Mahmoud Maawad, an Egyptian national recently arrested in Tennessee. Mr. Maawad is in the country illegally while studying at the University of Memphis. He was arrested after a search of his apartment turned up a pilot's uniform, a chart of Memphis International Airport, and the DVD "How an Airline Captain Should Look and Act."

"My school is everything," Maawad pled to a judge. "I stay in this country for seven years; I stay for the school."

Why did Mr. Maawad show up on FBI radar? Was it because he was seen lurking around the airport women's room in his pilot outfit? Did he use the white courtesy phone to order falafel? Nope, the company from which he ordered $3,000 in aviation related materials turned him in after he stiffed them on the bill.

Idiot. Shineola for brains. He'd be a free man today and have a clean credit record if he'd just opened the red envelope marked "Last Chance!" (And isn't it comforting to know the company would have given a pass to terrorists who aren't deadbeats?)

Maybe we should give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he's just really into stewardesses. Who amongst us hasn't dressed up like a pilot and cruised airport's and nearby hotel's bars picking up stewardesses for cheap, meaningless encounters?

He might have gotten a lot further with the judge if he had just admitted, "My stewardesses is everything. I stay in this country for seven years; I stay for the stewardesses."

on Sep 17, 2005
Mr. Maawad is non-terrorist until proven guilty. He might not be a stupid terrorist. He might just be stupid.
on Sep 18, 2005

on Sep 20, 2005
j4j, would you be less offended if he'd been cruising for stewards?

I know you think your Muslim boyfriends only have those pilot uniforms so they can come over to play "Let me park my plane in your hangar" but isn't it possible some of them have ulterior motives?

Anyway, it should be obvious this joker, Maawad, isn't part of Al-Qaeda -- he doesn't have those big bin Ladin bucks. You know, the kind of mission swank that let's you hang out in strip clubs, and not the cheap kind, either -- Gentlemen's Clubs where the girls actually have teeth.

Nope, this guy was toothless stripper level all the way. Just some poor schmuck, dressed up in his leftover Haloween pilot's costume, hoping to get severely gummed.
on Sep 21, 2005
Omg! I have been banned!

on Sep 21, 2005
I think it was an appaling decision to ban J 4 J. What did he do except preach the love of love and the hate of hate?!

Now the imposter who has always pretended to be J 4 J is thanking "administration", which shows the dumb fuck can't spell and is weak because he thinks people he encounters on the Internet that disagree with him are "Nazis", "evil" etc.