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October 18, 2005 by Gene Nash
Sometimes I'll know something is there, but just not be able to see it. It drives me crazy that my subconscious is onto something but won't share. My sub-c must be female -- it drops hints then pouts because I don't get it. "Well if you can't see it, I'm certainly not going to tell you," it recriminates, then turns its very cold shoulder.

For more than a year now I've been looking at kingbee's URL,, trying to figure out what it means, knowing there is something ...
May 31, 2005 by Gene Nash
Create Your Own Church Sign
May 26, 2005 by Gene Nash
Okay, class, what is wrong with this logic:

manhole: Sir Peter = Gene Nash
B.S.: manhole is wrong about Sir Peter
B.S.: manhole is right about Gene Nash
March 17, 2005 by Gene Nash
In a recent article, Gideon MacLeish lamented not being able to hold onto ideas till he could get to the library computer to blog them.

I recommended using legal pads in the interim.

I've noticed most people seem to blog by typing into the form and pressing send. That's a dangerous practice; you're libel to run into technical problems that can make your article go bye-bye.

I used to write all my articles in a WYSIWYG HTML processor, then cut-and-paste as "preformatted HTML." Lately, I'v...
March 10, 2005 by Gene Nash
Mediaah! was an India based blog dedicated to casting a critical eye toward their mainstream media outlets (MSM). Unfortunately, when you look into the abyss the abyss also looks into you, and the abysmal Indian MSM didn't like what it saw.

One of India's largest media conglomerates, The Times of India, sicked their legal team on Mediaah!'s owner, Pradyumnan Maheshwari, demanding he delete 19 postings they considered "defamatory." Instead he has decided to close the blog.

"I would urge you...
March 5, 2005 by Gene Nash
A bit of blog errata...

My watchlist is buggy. I'm not getting email notifications when people leave comments on my blogs. Certain other threads aren't triggering notifications, either.

So, I may or may not have seen your comments. Like I wasn't bad enough at keeping up with them already, right? I was working on that, but this has complicated matters. Great timing, huh?

So, if someone leaves a new comment on an article off the main page I probably won't know it. And now they've degraded...
January 7, 2005 by Gene Nash
It has become somewhat traditional here at JU to write a specialarticle commemorating our 100th article. This is mine.Reaching my 100th blog has me thinking about other 100ths. Some100ths we celebrate (number of blogs, birthdays -- maybe), some we'llprobably never reach (100th Christmas, 100th trips to the other sideof the world, birthdays -- again), and most go by without even anotice (100th Big Mac eaten, 100th sunset stopped and watched, 100thtime you kissed someone special) unless you're OCD...
November 19, 2004 by Gene Nash
Sorry, Everyone,

I've been sick lately.

I'll get back when I can. (Hopefully next week?)
October 14, 2004 by Gene Nash
        "My fellow JUians,I ask you:        "Do we really needeach poll result listed in an individual article?        "Do we really needthe Newest Articles part of the sidebar filled with &*^%#$ingpoll results?!        "Express yourself!What do you have to say to these poll regurgitators?"       &nb...
September 20, 2004 by Gene Nash
How do people delete all their articles when they disappear?

Do they click on "delete" one-by-one? Or is there some Master Destruct button somewhere that I've missed?

For that matter, if one was so inclined, how do you close your account and drift into oblivion?
August 13, 2004 by Gene Nash
        Cue the musicplease. "You're so vain, I bet you think this blog is about you.Donchew, donchew, donchew...."        I had someblogging milestones in July: Two articles on the front page at the same time. (While others have accomplished it in the past, this was a first for me.) For a brief moment my blog was actually in the top 20. (After having received an artificial boost from t...
August 4, 2004 by Gene Nash
        So I'm sittinghere, waiting for something good to pop up on the sidebar. A newarticle. A new comment on a thread I am following. Anything.        It's times likethis I wonder why I was distressed to (temporarily) be officiallythe biggest JU addict. (I'm still No. 2.) Clearly it was not aninaccurate label.        So I'm sittinghere clicking reload, checking my email. Not...
July 4, 2004 by Gene Nash
        Well, we lostanother blogger. WrecklessErichas deleted all his articles and dropped out.        In the old days,miners would carry canaries into the mines with them as a gas meter.The poor little feather balls were more sensitive and more quicklysubject to the effects of poison gas than their much larger humancompanions. If the canary died it meant there was poison in the airand time to beat a hasty retreat.&...
July 3, 2004 by Gene Nash
        I'm tired of theinanity. For the foreseeable future 90% of my articles will have thecommenting turned off. Maybe one of those extra subscription onlyfeatures available when JoeUser goes alpha will be the ability tosubject readers to a quiz before they are allowed to comment. (Goodidea, Brad!) I'd like to make sure you a) actually read andcomprehended the article, and have an I.Q. above 12. I can thinkof several of my fellow JUsers the latter would...
June 5, 2004 by Gene Nash
        As long as I'm inanapologetic mode....        I am seriouslydyslexic. It gets worse when my chronic illness (with itsmental-faculties destroying effects) enters its chronic phase. (As ithas been most of this year.) I've noticed some of my comments aregetting spotty at best. Take thisone: For all you know you were just a pawn in some devious rift she was playing on her ...